There are perhaps three things you should know about me: the first is I’m a Colombian immigrant. Much to my chagrin, I do not possess the rolling accent, sun-kissed skin, or lustrous hair that one expects of a Colombian woman (i.e. Sophia Vergara). I immigrated here as a baby and then proceeded to grow up in the Midwest, doubling down when I attended college in Indiana. In other words, I’m about as Colombian as Olive Garden is authentic Italian. And yet, my Colombian heritage plays a major part in my career as a travel editor and journalist.

The first time I booked an international trip abroad sans family was to Colombia. The first major byline I had was a story about Colombian food for Food & Wine magazine. The one place I always recommend when asked about a favorite destination is, you guessed it, Colombia. All of this is to say, Colombia will pop up in this newsletter on more than one occasion. I hope you’re here for it.

The second thing you should know about me is I started my own women’s travel publication called Unearth Women. I divulge all the details of how Unearth Women went from a wine-fueled idea to an international magazine in this post. Because I’ve always been a multitasker, I’m also an editor at Fodor’s Travel, which is to say you’ll often seen me sharing stories or updates from my work over at Fodor’s. The third thing to know is I have a women’s travel book coming out called Wanderess, so I know a thing or two about travel — particularly, women’s travel — and I’m excited to share that with you in this newsletter.

With this newsletter, I’ll introduce you to women who inspire me, highlight women and BIPOC-owned businesses around the world, wax poetic about destinations that have moved me, and get opinionated on travel trends that excite me. Along the way, I’ll likely divulge details about myself like just how often you can find me in sweatpants drinking wine, what true-crime podcast I’m binging, and the latest recipe I’m obsessed with.

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Looking forward to taking you on this journey with me.

Nikki Vargas

Founding Editor, Unearth Women

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