I SO needed to read all of this today. Every word. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm just starting to talk about my project, and your encouragement helps. I'm about to start writing a book about finding my Black biological family and I AM excited about it, even though I'm also terrified. Even though it feels like I'm just talking and will never actually get started. But I am greasing the skids, fertilizing the soil, and priming the pump. I've signed up for creative writing classes starting mid-April, applied for a writing fellowship week in DC in July, and will be headed to a creative writing retreat in Spain (yes I said Spain) for BIPOC women in October. This will come after a month of working 1:1 with the brilliant Lori L Tharps (the retreat leader) to outline my story and figure out what the book will include. I'm basically creating a runway to launch this project and I'm proud of these steps I've taken. I'm slowly figuring out that the more I talk about wanting to do this, the more help and encouragement comes my way. Including getting messages like this in my inbox reminding me to be excited and loud about what I'm up to. I'm not ready to blast it on social media but I can have conversations and not be afraid to put it out there. So again - THANK YOU. I love that you shared your journey with both your books, your lessons learned. And I can't wait to read your new book. :)

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